Hoppe is renowned for the excellent quality of its products. This makes it a solid and totally reliable partner for the main players in the automotive market, both as a direct supplier to OEMs, and as an indirect supplier through Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.
The quality policy and quality management systems implemented by Hoppe have enabled it to successfully pass the main international audits, with significant recognitions for the German market also. Hoppe is strongly focussed on sustainability issues and has therefore integrated into its policy and quality management system aspects related to working conditions, health and safety of its employees, including workstation ergonomics, workers’ rights, risk mitigation and prevention, ethical and anti-corruption principles, environmental and ecological impacts, reduction of energy consumption and waste, information and data security, complying with and exceeding the requirements of current legislation.
These aspects are monitored and are subject to a continuous improvement process.
At Hoppe, we work in accordance with our Code of Conduct, which is appreciated by our customers and shared with our suppliers, in a spirit of utmost respect and cooperation with each other.